Bring Your Money, Investment & Retirement Goals To Life Like Mike Did With A Wealth Works 'Money Makeover Plan'

“Giving People Clarity And Direction To Make Their Money, Property And Life Goals Reality”

The only combined financial planning, loan analysis, share and property investment report service rolled into one.

  • Ensuring your Mortgage and Structures are effective
  • Helping determine and safeguarding any debt you have is consolidated and more manageable
  • Developing a 'Life Plan & Goals' report that looks at your finances from both a mortgage brokers and financial planners point of view so you receive more in-depth effective planning, support and results
  • Helping 'plan for' and buy investment property or invest in shares
  • Mapping out a practical and actionable Retirement Plan
  • Works with and supports you so you have a crystal clear financial and life vision of where you're going and how you're going to get there
  • An exclusive 5 star Integrity Gold Seal Guarantee

Stop thinking and dreaming and take action to bring your money, property investment, retirement and others to life today. Get your comprehensive ‘Money Make Over Plan’ report for a roadmap to more in life by phoning us on 1300 645 888 or completing the  ‘Money Makeover’ request form on this page.

'Money Makeover' Report

Want to know if you’re on target for everything you desire? It only takes 20 seconds to complete the form below to get an idea

What Makes Wealth Works Different From Other Financial and Mortgage Services?

Well, many of our clients have increased their net worth by an average of $50,000.00 following our advice but more importantly, none of them have lost money or gone backward.

In addition, unlike traditional Financial, Mortgage and Debt Consolidation services who sign you up or roll over your superannuation, sell you insurance and other products and see you 12 months later for a review, Wealth Works is a FREE Financial Planning and Mortgage Broker service rolled into one! This gives you the benefits above so you receive the complete financial service and picture.

Just as importantly, we help you carve out a roadmap for your life so you have a crystal clear vision and know how you are going to get there. We help you take action on your money, property investment, retirement, and other ‘Life goals’. This all starts with a comprehensive review of your where you are now so phone us on: 1300 654 888 or complete the online form on this page.

When we needed to increase our assets we were referred to Wealth Works. He went right through our finances and showed us how to invest in a property that would significantly increase in value within 12 months. That home is now worth over $60,000 more than what we paid for it

John Doe


The areas we cover in your Money Makeover Plan and the steps we take to create it

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What Do You Really Want?

Ask most people and they’ll give you a vague generic answer such as ‘More money”, ‘better health’ or ‘winning the lottery.”

Sadly these are just people wishing.

Wealth Works is for people stuck on the financial treadmill of life because their money, retirement, property investment or other financial goals are passing them by each year.

With Wealth Works, we’ll help you carve out a crystal clear vision and road-map to bring your money property and life goals to life.

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Home Loan Review

Are you paying a higher mortgage interest rate than you want? Maybe you’ve thought about changing your home loan but it’s a case of “better the devil you know?”

Wealth Works home loan review system is for you.

It’s designed to review, compare and advise the most suitable home loan, at the lowest possible rate that suits your needs.

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Investment Options

The myth about property investing is you need to be rich to get started! Not true. Over the years, we’ve helped many people. Some we’ve helped plan for and get started in property investment and others have come to us to for advice and a plan to grow their property investment portfolio.

"Balance and Asset Protection are a big part of our plans".

Of course, what investment is right for you depends on your needs, goals and current situation, which we can cover in your FREE ‘Life Plan’ report.

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Retirement Planning

Are you worried about not having enough money for the retirement you really want?

An estimated 65% of Australians are.

The good news is it’s never too late even if you think it may be. Wealth Works has the expertise and practical skills to show you how

Wealth Works provides the complete retirement review and retirement planning service. This is based on where you are now, what you can do and how you want your retirement to be.

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Debt Consolidation & Reduction

If I was to ask you if you have “good debt” or “bad debt” would you be able to tell me?

Just about everybody has debt, but debt, good and bad can be managed in many ways.

With Wealth Works Debt Reduction and consolidation services Brisbane, we’ll help you relieve the stress of debt if that is the case or help you consolidate and manage any debt you have.

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Minimise Tax with Strategic Investment

If you’re the type of person who would like to know if and how you can reduce your tax call us on 1300 654 888 today.

Wealth Works can help reduce the amount of tax you pay through strategic investment that legally allows you to reduce the amount of tax you are currently paying.

We didn't think we could ever buy another investment property, the one we were sold went backwards so when Wealth Works said they could improve our finances we were a bit hesitant. Alistair showed us that with the right property in the right location we could not only reverse that bad property, we could build a home that would pay for itself and grow in value very fast. Well it all happened just like he said and now we are back on track.

John Doe


Whether you want to be on the ‘rich list’ see if you can buy an investment property or two or what you need to do to buy one, retire with an income stream or consolidate debt, Wealth Works have the expertise to help you identify, action and bring your life and financial goals to life no matter what your circumstances may be right now.

Wealth Works Exclusive 5 Star Integrity Gold Seal Guarantee

We understand you’ve worked hard or are working hard to for a better life for yourself, the people you love and the things you want in life. We also understand that you want to protect everything you’re working for and that it is not easy taking the first step to making a change in your life or trusting someone to help you do that.

This is why Wealth Works are one of the few financial services in Brisbane giving people peace of mind with an exclusive 5 Star Integrity Guarantee guaranteeing you to

  • The ‘Money Make Over Plan’ we do for you with no charges or obligations
  • We guarantee that any consultation from one of our advisors will place you in a better financial position
  • Wealth Works provides full disclosure so you are aware of exactly how we make our money.
  • Wealth Works will always put the needs of YOU our client first before our needs.
  • Wealth Works will ensure full privacy and confidentiality of your information at all times. Any information registered on this site if protected by high-level encryption security.

Get A Crystal Clear Vision And Roadmap To Bring Your Money, Property Investment, Retirement And Other Life Goals To Life Today…

Claim your FREE comprehensive ‘Life Plan’ report for a roadmap to more in life by phoning us on 1300 654 888 or completing the online form on this page.

'Money Makeover' Report

Want to know if you’re on target for everything you desire? It only takes 20 seconds to complete the form below to get an idea