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About Wealth Works Our business is based on saving you money and creating wealth for you and your family. Our advisers are fully qualified mortgage brokers and financial planners giving us the power to look over your complete financial state rather than just a small part of it. Not only do we have access to over 400 home loan products but we also have access to hundreds of different insurance and superannuation products as well, and when it comes to investing or tax minimisation strategies, we are not just limited to shares like your standard financial planner. We specialise in property investing as a way to create not only wealth but also tax reduction. There is nothing safer than bricks and mortar and while shares may plummet overnight, property remains very steady and predictable.

Our service is at your service to change the way you manage your finances and show you ways to increase your wealth with little or no impact on your lifestyle. We find out your needs first and then from their build a lifetime financial plan that will see you through for the next 10 years.

Wealth Works Investments are full members of PIPA, the Property Investment Professionals Association of Australia. We hold a full ASIC approved Credit License to give you the best all round property investment advice when it comes to not only investing in property but funding it as well and we are full members of the MFAA and COSL

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Alistair Kelsall Mortgage Broker

Alistair Kelsall


With over 19 years of working in property finance, financial planning and real estate, I am able to provide a level of guidance and support covering every aspect of the property finance process.

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