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Our home loan review system is designed to find you the most suitable loan, at the lowest possible rate that suits your needs. You may want to re look at your current home loan for a number of reasons. Generally it’s for a better interest rate or more features as banks change their policies every couple of years and one bank or lender may be trying to entice clients with a very good deal.It might also be for asset protection which is very important if your considering investing and keeps your home seperate from any investment options you  might be looking at.Wealth Works reviews your home loan from not just a mortgage brokers point of view but also a financial planners and accountants which results in the most efficient home loan review on offer today. We have access to all the tools and lenders necessary to determine if a home loan is more suitable to you are your needs than your current home loan. We can quickly assess your needs and match them to hundreds of different home loan products and show you the results in black and white.

Ascertain Your Needs

What do you want to achieve ? Is is a better rate or more features, this is the first point we need to ascertain and gives us the information we need to compare your current home loan to the right home loans from other lenders.


Once we know your needs and wants then we can start to compare you home loan to the hundreds of pother home homes loan in the market.


Applying for the new home loan is next and this involves completing a home loan application form, collection of necessary documents and submission to the bank.

Approval & Settlement

Once you loan is approved we now need to go to the next stage which is settlement. This is where you home loan is actually moved over to the new lender.

Monitor & Suport

Once you have your new home loan it’s important to ensure it is setup property, performing as we predicted and your able to access everything you need.We can also handle all the necessary arrangements to make changing over your home loan as simple and easy as possible.CALL 1300 654 888 NOW for your ‘Money Make Over’ Plan or complete the form on this page

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