What is Tax Reduction

Tax Reduction means to reduce the amount of tax you pay regardless weather your self employed for PAYG. Wealth Works can help reduce the amount of tax you pay through a number of strategies that are designed to give you a tax benefit.

How to Reduce Tax

There are ways to send more money to your super or purchase an investment that legally allows you to reduce the amount of tax you are currently paying. This can be done by taking advantage of Government Incentives to assist people in getting ahead. They would prefer to see you wealthy and self supporting in retirement rather than having a high number of people relying on government support. So for this main reason the government allows you to deduct many costs associated with investing.


Wealth Works uses property as a tax reduction vehicle because it is the most stable form of investing which reduces the risk to you. For this reason we find suitable land and have a property designed to maximise both the value of the land and the potential income from the investment property. Our properties are always cash flow neutral or positive which means you can buy an investment property without affecting your lifestyle but at the same time, greatly increasing your future net worth.

The type of property we use is always a brand new home which gives the added benefit of depreciation. With a normal investment property that was generating a profit there would be few tax deductions, however a brand new home has many more items that are legal tax deductions.

Wealth Works members are all fully qualified financial planners who can give you guidance in relation to how much tax you could save through an investment strategy and is critical to our ‘Money Make Over’ Plan.

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