We can provide a full range of financial advice

Our team members are highly qualified finance & property specialists

  • Home Loans

    Home Loans

    with over 15 years of lending experience and over 400 different loan products, we can help you find the most suitable loan for your needs

  • Refinance Home Loan

    Refinance Home Loan

    You may want to refinance home loan for a number of reasons. Generally it's for a better interest rate or more featuresas banks change their policies every couple

  • Tax Reduction

    Tax Reduction

    Wealth Works can help reduce the amount of tax you pay through strategic investment that legally allows you to reduce the amount of tax you are currently paying.

  • Wealth Creation

    Wealth Creation

    it's easier than you think to create wealth and we can out a plan together just for you that will layout a path to a wealthier future

  • Property Investing

    Property Investing

    a big part of our business is showing people how easy it is to invest in property and the benefits it can bring to them.

  • Property Investment Plan

    Property Investment Plan

    Wealth Works can provide you a tailored plan to match your requirements and provide you with a clear road map to the future.

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We didn't think we could ever buy another investment property but Investate made it happen. We now own 2 properties and look forward to one more.
Ben & Lisa Kanne
Ben & Lisa Kanne
Cashmere, Queensland
Alistair helped me buy my new home when I really didn't think I had a chance, he showed us how to make it work and got the loan approved without any issues.
Neil Hooper
Neil Hooper
Michelton, Queensland
Thanks to the team at Wealth Works, they helped me every step of the way to help me get started in property. Can't wait for the second one.
Sharon Tate
Sharon Tate
Gold Coast, Queensland